A Prosperity “Tune-Up”?

Fine-Tuning the Law of Attraction for Freedom, Prosperity and Meaningful Impact

What if you could get a prosperity tune-up?

What if you could activate the Law of Attraction to materialize results without sacrificing your integrity?

Well, let’s take a shot at it, shall we?

First, let’s examine the process by which beliefs are formed. That is, how you’ve come to believe and expect to see the outcomes you get.

Because, if you see how your beliefs came to be, maybe, just maybe you can deliberately re-engineer the beliefs that have been unconsciously conditioned to sabotage your success (aka, your Fred Stories).

Your belief system is the foundation. We can call this your subconscious, your inner-game, or your self-concept (or whatever else is the trendy lingo of the day).

How did your belief system come to be?

It was formed by your parents, family, friends, teachers, religious upbringing, life experiences, the books you read, the news you watch, and so on, did it not?

However, more important than who, what, where, why, and how your beliefs formed is that most of deepest core beliefs happened…


See, we are not consciously aware of all the different facets of who we are, our self-concept, and what we say to ourselves. We aren’t consciously aware of what’s fully going on inside our minds. Of course, if you’ve done any personal development work at all, you do have some awareness, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you struggle to manifest anything (e.g., if you’re don’t already have the results you want), then you can bet, as aware as you are, 99% of your beliefs are STILL unconscious.

HERE’S WHAT THIS MEANS: We all have unconscious mental pictures of who we believe we are (our identities, right?). Which forms what we believe is “reality,” and what we think is “true” about our situations. Well, the mental pictures we hold about ourselves, about our realities and about our life situations becomes your “self-concept” …how you’ve come to define yourself and see your life within that context.

You following?

So, for example, if you have a self-concept that says you’re bad at handling money, your entire life has to reflect this belief because it’s how you’ve come to define yourself.

And, because of your self-concept, your unconscious mind has been programed to automatically FILTER-OUT everything that is counter to how you’ve defined yourself and situation.

In fact, you literally can’t see any other possibility because your unconscious’s job is to make sure your self-concept… that your identity is always “right.”

That’s why it’s important to consciously form (or re-form) your self-concept as it relates to your beliefs and desires surrounding, health, wealth and fulfillment.

To make it easy to visualize how your self-concept forms the foundation of your life, picture it as the base of a pyramid that everything else is built upon (above).

Next, in the middle part of the pyramid, is your outer-game. Who you are in the world. The way the rest of the world sees you.

Based on your inner-game, your self-concept, and your vision of yourself, you project a certain way of being out in the world. The world then perceives you based on how you behave.

Now, your self-concept and the way the world sees you are always interacting (or “vibrating” back and forth) with each other. Each supports, reinforces and collects “evidence” that “proves” each definition of the situation is “right” (even if each point of view is completely different).

So, if for example, my point of view about myself is that I’m always an outsider, have no friends and am not worthy of a lover who supports and understands me… what kind of a picture do you think I’m broadcasting to the world?

In that case, I’m demonstrating to the world that I don’t deserve love. My self-concept is that I’m unlovable, is it not?

Then what happens?

Well, the world HAS to reflect back my unconscious self concept because that’s what I’ve tuned in to. It’s what I’m looking for. Therefore, it reinforces my point of view. It’s now giving me feedback.

You see, it’s because I’m looking for the “evidence” that supports what I’ve already decided is true about myself based on my identity.

Here, try this…

As you drive around today, look for blue cars. Make a game of it. Count ’em up. How many blue ones did you see? At some point, you’ll say,

“What happened? Did they run out of any other color paint? All I can see is blue cars, blue cars, blue cars.”

Then, tomorrow, look for red cars. Notice the same thing occurs but now is there’s a moratorium on blue cars?

Because you’re looking for it, it’s there.

It’s not that none of this other stuff is there; it’s just that’s what you’ve tuned into. That’s what you’re focused on, so that’s what you see. It’s all based on your inner-game first, your self-concept, and who you are in the outer world.

See, everyone’s individual identity defines their realities, too. And, while it may be a reality for them, you might be experiencing a completely different reality, right?

If your self-concept says you’re lousy at manifesting prosperity, your reality HAS to reflect back to you a life where the prosperity you desire is either always beyond your reach, hard to get and/or impossible to hang on to.

Now, if my self-concept says manifesting prosperity is not only possible, it’s also fun, fast & easy, can you see how my reality will cause me to act differently and therefore experience a life of abundance, even if we both live in the exact same conditions and circumstances?

The tippy-top of this pyramid is your point of attraction (which sits on top of all the evidence you’ve gathered based on where your identity has unconsciously conditioned you to tune in)…

Your point of attraction is what “The Secret,” and, what I call “the ‘wooie-wooie‘ stuff,” is all about. It’s about whatever you put out in the world comes back to you based on the different facets of your self-concept (and reinforced by the outer game of the evidence you’ve been looking for).

Another way to look at these three levels is:

  1. Point of attraction = SEE (the results you wind up HAVING in your experience/reality)

  2. Outer game = LOOK (the actions, situations, conditions, reactions, etc. you look at to decide what you’re going to DO)

  3. Inner game = TUNE (who you ARE at your deep inner core that’s 99% unconscious: Who you are “being” in any given moment)

Your inner game defines who you are, your outer game determines what you do, and your point of attraction determines what you have.

In order to have something, you must do something, but you’ll only do something if you’re being the type of person who sees that action as congruent with your reality.

It’s counterintuitive because it makes sense to focus on the new wanted results first, isn’t it? We tend to focus first on the ‘Have’ part, so we set goals and do our positive affirmations.

Yet, affirmations you don’t believe are BS (by the way, I don’t think it’s any accident that BS stands for bullshit and belief system because our beliefs are completely made up anyway). Over time, if you continue to say it and you say it in a way that you actually start to believe it, then you start to shift your point of attraction.

TUNE (Be) – LOOK (Do) – SEE (Have)
Controls The Outcomes We Get

Why is it that 99% of all lotto winners wind up dead broke now or worse than they were before they hit the jackpot?

Jim Rohn, a hero of mine, once said,

“If somebody gives you a million dollars, best you become a millionaire so you get to keep the money.”

That’s the same thing with lottery winners, except they do it the opposite way. If somebody just gives you a million dollars, your way of being may be a bankrupt mentality.

Unless you shift your self-concept into somebody who is worthy of a million dollars, you’re going to screw it up because your ‘Beingness’, your self-concept identity combined with your behaviors reflecting who you believe you are, and what you’re worthy of having will soon attract the old circumstances before winning.

You always get what you expect. Here’s where it becomes really fun and interesting. Because this pyramid explains every aspect of your life, what manifests in it, and…

…what simply can’t.

So, how do you make the unconscious, conscious?

How do you to redefine your self-concept, control what the world mirrors back to you, and shift your point of attraction so you can manifest your desires (instead of repelling ’em)?

All great questions.

My answers?

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