How to Bridge Your Prosperity Gap

It’s about bridging gap…

Have you ever noticed that? That success is about your gaps?

And, for that matter, the same gap principle often traps us, reliving similar negative situations again and again?

That is to say, your path to get unstuck comes down to knowing and bridging gaps.

Now, in several posts, we’ve already talked about a few of these gaps. Like in this article, where you discovered the importance of bridging the gap between your Yin (inner, personal development journey) and your Yang (outer, action journey of implementation), right?

And, then again in this insight, we talked about the Crawl, Walk, Run process of learning new skills, did we not? That article was about bridging the gap between learning and living:

About the difference between just knowing what to do and successfully applying it so you can experience results in the real world (to bridge from the endless longing to having), wasn’t it?

Well, now it’s time to move on to the mutha of all gaps to be bridged if you want to become a master of ‘on-demand’ manifesting.

I call this one your prosperity gap.

And, it’s really, the gap between… the outcome you want, and…

the outcome you expect.

Because you ever notice that you get the results you expect?

And, yet, often what you expect will happen is not what you WANT. Therein lies a gap we’re often blind to. Until you bridge this gap you’ll attract what you fear instead of what you want into your experience.

If you hope (or wish) for power but inside don’t believe you can have it, you never will. You’ll need to make what you want, BE what you expect to happen. Or else you’ll hit frustrating roadblock after another. Success stays just outside your grasp.

Chew on that last paragraph a bit.

However, when what you want is what you expect, you enter that “miracle” zone where your desires swarm to you like bees to honey (without all the hard work and struggle most people think it takes).

Let’s ease into this because if this is your first time being introduced to this concept it can feel like a kick to the crotch.

Frankly, when I started to learn this, it felt like complete horseshit to me. I thought it was nothing more than new-age positive thinking mumbo jumbo (but little did I know it was the secret – the REAL secret – of having because it makes the “impossible,” possible).

See, on the surface, this concept seems completely invalid, untrue and just plain wrong.

At least it did to me.

I used to think,

“No matter how hard I try or how hard I work, I just can’t seem to get ahead so it can’t be that I always get exactly what I expect to get because I really want to succeed.”

However, can you see how the very mindset I held on to, actually proved the concept right?

I believed that because I wanted it really bad —and that just because I was willing work really hard to get it— that it was the same thing as expecting to “win” (because why would I ever attempt something that I expected wouldn’t work for me?).

Well, to really “get” this, first we need to dig into what a want really is. How do you know you want something? When did you decide?

It’s almost always immediately after we experience something we don’t want. Fact.

Interesting, isn’t it?

What we do want is born from what we don’t. If you want more power, control, confidence, freedom, success, money, or better relationships, why is that? How do you know you want any of those things?

Truth is we only come to want something new when we become aware that our current situation isn’t what we want…

The root cause of any desire is the feeling something’s missing because, after all, if you had it now you wouldn’t have to want it because you’d already have it, is that not true?

Now, this means that we learn to closely identify our wants with the problems that created them in the first place.

Please read that again because there’s the rub.

See, we all seem to have the tendency to stay focused on the problem that gave birth to our desires instead of switching our focus towards the solution. We usually get so captured by the conditions that birthed your wanting something different, it’s all we allow ourselves to see.

And continued observation of any problem INCREASES the gap.


Simple because as you continue to focus on what birthed the desire (aka, the problem caused by the current circumstances that you don’t want), it intensifies your wanting to change things. Like the itch that can’t be scratched, the more you focus on how bad it itches, MORE it actually itches!

You become consumed by the problem instead of the solution. All because it makes you even more aware that your current conditions are NOT what you want.

You tracking this?

Can you see how, if allowed to continue, it’s not long before the gap becomes a canyon?

Whereas, a small gap is simple to bridge, it is downright paralyzing when you are staring at a canyon and think you have to cross it in one jump, isn’t that true?

Where and how does expectations fit in?

Glad you asked 😉 —

Expectations are powerful thoughts you believe to be true (aka “Core Beliefs”). However, the process by which we come to “know” and believe in their “truth” is fascinating because it’s 100% imaginary.


Yup, it’s only true for you because you believe it to be.

Just like, here, when we chatted about how a baby must learn to be fearful before fear becomes “true” and infects her.

Well, what you believe is true is actually based on the repeated mental conversations you’ve been unknowingly and unconsciously having with yourself since birth. That mental chatter is so habitual and automatic that you don’t even realize how they’ve conditioned you to think and believe the way you do today on any given subject.

See, our mental recordings form our beliefs and, therefore, expectations. The life you are living is a reflection of the consistent inner thoughts and conversations you’ve gotten into the habit of having with yourself.

Look inside the mind of any successful, self-made person who has plenty of money and a thriving business and you’ll discover most of their self-talk focuses their energy towards possibilities. They don’t just want things… they expect them!

They expect positive outcomes. They expect to win. They expect to figure out the answers even if they don’t know everything going in. They expect to turn things around.

On the reverse, don’t you know someone who’s always broke? These are the people who just can’t seem to ever get ahead, can they? If they get some unexpected money, somehow the car breaks down or something else “just happens” to go wrong and the extra money gets sucked up so they stay stuck behind the eight ball and never get ahead, right?

Or how about people who are lightening rods for abuse?

Aren’t there certain people who always seem to wind up on the short, shitty end of the stick? No matter what they do they always seem to wind up neck deep in one sort of drama or another? They’re constantly victimized, wronged and taken advantage of, are they not?

Sure they want things to be different, but if you eavesdropped in on their mental chatter, you’d find a VERY different kind of conversation. The thoughts, beliefs, and recordings they have to be habitually replaying on an endless loop go something like this:

“Why does this always happen to me? How could they do this to me? Why can’t I ever get ahead? Why are they all out to get me? If it wasn’t for BAD luck, I wouldn’t have any! I can’t win for losing.”

And the like, yes?

Do you see how these thoughts actually focus them towards expecting bad outcomes?

See, our expectations are formed over time based on thoughts.

Practice a new thought often enough and you create a new habitual thought pattern. New thought habits create new expectations. New expectations produce new results because you always get exactly what you truly expect to get.

So how do you break the cycle and align what you want with what you expect to happen?

Here’s The 3 Things You Need To Bridge The Gap Between Where You Are Now… And… Your Desires To BE, DO & HAVE Prosperity:

  1. GET YOUR FOUNDATION. Here you discover how to CRAWL as it relates to manifesting prosperity on your terms. It’s all about accessing the right information. You gotta have a proven, systematic approach that works the same for everyone who taps into it. (You might want to revisit this article about how you can hit “Reboot” button on The Law Of Attraction, which *is* the foundation of bridging your prosperity gap);

  2. PRACTICAL APPLICATION TOOLS. Once you’re grounded in the basics, you’re ready to practice WALKING. This is the part most people miss. It’s not just about learning the right stuff (#1 above). Now it’s all about how quickly you can consume and digest this info once you find it.

    See, digesting the foundational info you discovered is critical because it’s tempting to try and eat the elephant whole. Even if you happened to stumble on to the right info, chances are good it won’t work without help because even if you could consume it, it’s impossible to digest it.

    Plus, just like eating when you’re not hungry makes you fat, if you try to pound new info into your head when you aren’t ready for it, you’ll get overwhelmed (the equivalent of getting mentally fat) which causes procrastination, fear of failure and inactivity, right? (However, who love’s ya? Joshua, that’s who! Because the iUnstuck Lab gives you access to a brand new toolbox full of the most insanely practical tools that takes you beyond learning to LIVING your prosperity in the real world ;-0 );  and…

  3. LEVERAGING YOUR NEW PROSPERITY SKILLS. Once you know what to do and have tools personalize that knowledge to your life, you’re well on your way to RUNNING! Now it’s just a matter of practicing your new understanding until it becomes an automatic, unconscious skill.

    At this stage your success hinges on keeping your clarity and confidence levels high enough to stomach the small (yet inevitable) trial and error setbacks that always occur the first time you set out to bridge the gap between knowing and applying. Just like you saw me do on the Trikke in the video in this post, your path to success WILL be a zig-zag one. It only smoothes to a straight line after you master it because you no longer have to think about it, you just do it.

It takes all three to successfully bridge your Prosperity Gap.

However, most people fail to realize that #1 (lack of the right knowledge) is actually not what’s holding you back (yet we’ve been programmed to believe the opposite).

Because, as my friend and comedian Chris Rock says, “The money ain’t in the cure, it’s in the comeback!”

(well, okay, so maybe he’s only a friend in my mind, but since I create my own reality… 😉 )

Anyway, because we’ve been conditioned to always be seeking and searching out the next “magic” answer, we stay trapped in professional student mode. Instead of shifting into DOER mode. However, that’s how they keep us hooked in long enough to believe that it’s always the NEXT deal that will finally fix us.

Oops, I got sidetracked off on a rant, didn’t I?

Back on track.

We’ve all seen people who get rich with the absolute worse plans, have we not?

How is this?

Because they made up for it with the other 2 pieces of the puzzle…

It works just like the law of gravity (meaning the formula works the same for everyone who uses it – it cannot pick who it will work for and who it won’t). Just like 2 X 2 will always equal 4, your manifesting prosperity on demand also works by a formula that can’t decide who it allows to use it, or what they’re allowed to manifest with it.

Simple, isn’t it?

It is simple… but what it means to your ultimate success is groundbreaking because multiply any number —even a billion— by zero and your entire answer (results) will always be zero, right?

Well, guess what?

You just discovered why some people can manifest prosperity and success, while others crash and burn following the exact same plan.

The fact is that if you’re not ready for success, the best system with the best mentor ain’t gonna help. Take two identical people, each working the exact same system…

Each about the same in terms of intelligence and both starting with the exact same resources…

Each puts in the same time to manifest their prosperity…

Each wants success so bad they can taste it…

Each are behind the eight ball, both needing it to come true, and…

Yet, one person, she gets amazing breakthrough results.

And the other one?

Well, he crashes and burns, unfortunately.