Demystifying The Law of 1.5x Momentum

Reaching your success tipping point, one practical insight at a time...

It happened way back in 1989.

If I remember correctly, it was December 26th. Maybe the 27th.

Dad hands me a check for $125 and says,

“I got a Christmas Eve ‘gig’ that I wasn’t expecting and I want you to have it since I haven’t given you a birthday present for the last few years.”

Guess a little context around my father, Stan Shafran, would be helpful:

My dad was a professional musician and had played with such greats as John Lennon, Tito Puente, Count Basie, Bob Dylan, and The Band (if you’re over 35 years old he’s probably on some records in your collection right now). A New York Times critic had even called him a “dazzling trumpeter.”

Now, in spite of all his musical talent and potential, he always struggled.

Struggled with success, relationships, self-control, personal power, confidence, and, of course, money. He struggled to get it. Struggled to keep it. He constantly disappointed those closest to him.

So when my dad handed me that check in a gesture of kindness, I just knew something was off.

“Thanks Dad,” I told him, “but you should keep it because you need it more than I do.”

He insisted, so I took it although I didn’t deposit it for a couple of weeks because that little voice inside told me not to. Then, about a month later I get The Call from dear old dad. He says,

“Remember when you told me that I should keep that check because I needed more than you did? You were right. I shouldn’t have given it to you. I need it back.”

That really sucked! I was crushed.

And yet…

That defining moment set me on the path to figuring out how I could gather gravity towards freedom and independence.

Ah, shoot, I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Let’s back up a few paces, and start first with…


Happy you’re here.

Okay by you if we start with the 100K foot view?

You probably have a mental picture of what gathering gravity means to you, yes?

Allow me to share an overview of what it means to me so you can see if my vision (and therefore all the insights shared here) will be compatible with what you’re looking for.

This way you can figure out fast if your time is better spent elsewhere, with other people who’s worldview is more compatible with yours.

Sound like a plan? Cool.

You will find the Yin and Yang of success, growth and freedom here. Plenty of both: Philosophy and hardcore, practical “how-tos” direct from the frontlines of life.

You can expect energy related insights mixed together with proven ways to gather enough gravity so you can live the results, and…

…actually reap your rewards, on your terms. That’s what I mean by,

“Where wooie-wooie meets the real world.”

Sure, all success manifests in the mind before it can materialize physically, right?

Nobody would argue differently, would they?

And yet…

When it comes to consistently living your best life? Well, let’s just say, that’s quite a different story…

Is it not?

That’s because it takes a gathering of gravity from both the mystical (energy) side and with the physical (practical application) side.

It’s the blending of both that creates breakthrough results.

Oh, one more thing. It’s really important:

As you dig into the wealth of resources you’ll find here, you’ll notice that there’s no way to ask specific questions (i.e., no comments activated on any of the pages or posts).

Why, you wonder?

Simple. All those conversations take place inside the Gathering Gravity Facebook Group.

If you’re eager to engage with (and contribute to) a community of like-minded people all committed to going beyond wanting to living the bigger futures they’ve envisioned, then I highly recommend you join the conversation.

Inside the group, members share their experiences as we apply the ideas, resources, and deep dive how-to tutorials you’ll find here…

All so you can successfully personalize, and put your newfound breakthroughs into practice, in the real world situations you currently face. It’s all about gathering enough gravity so you can get unstuck, and finally can create meaningful momentum towards manifesting your desired results (without sacrificing your integrity).

Sound like something you’d benefit from, and would contribute to?

If so, here’s your invitation to join the fun 😉