A Simple (yet almost always overlooked) 3-Step Process to Manifest the Results You Want and Deserve

Please watch this 3:53 minute video before continuing with this lesson.

Didja watch the short video above?


Because now that you know the “Zig-Zag” Method of granting your own wishes, we need to talk about why it’s never a straight line to the success you want.

Because once you know the truth about what will happen (and what to expect), your confidence soars. You won’t be caught off guard. It’s like having a GPS system that always leads you back on track again.

And, oh, by the way, don’t you fret… all you need is a PLAN to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be… and luckily, I gotchu covered 😉 —

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

THE SIMPLE TRUTH IS: Reclaiming your power, control, and confidence…and deliberately materializing an abundance of wealth, health and love… is…

Well, it’s just a SKILL

And, just like any skill (like reading, talking or riding a bike) that you have mastered, even though you do it automatically -now- without giving it the slightest conscious thought, it was not always that way.

In other words, you weren’t born with those skills. You learned ’em.

You went through a very specific learning process to master the skills you have (a learning curve; a series of actions, each one depending on the action before it to combine together to produce a specific result).

Walking, for example…

It’s a safe bet you don’t consciously think, “okay, now I’ve got to bend my right knee, raise my right leg, lean forward, put my right foot down on the ground, etc…” right? Today it’s probably as natural and automatic to you as breathing. Yet, as a baby, it wasn’t automatic at all. You learned to walk through a very specific process.

We all did. Everyone who’s now mastered walking had to learn how pretty much the same way.

Did you know that, on average, it takes 1,000 hours of practice BEFORE a baby will take their first wobbly steps without help?

See, lots of things have to take place even before a baby starts crawling, let alone walking. As Dr. Moscatel points out in the video, from birth, a baby must spend plenty of time on his/her tummy because

“…this helps develop strong back muscles, which are the BIGGEST walking requirement…”

From birth, they’re building a strong foundation to be able to walk 9 to 15 months in their future, after about 1,000 hours of “practice” —

Even becoming a master of crawling is a process: A baby, laying on her tummy, tries to roll over. After enough practice, she eventually masters the skill of rolling over by herself, any time she wants, without help. Next, she’s ready to practice sitting up on her own.

Then you’ll notice her experimenting with what I call, “the push, scoot boogie.” It starts with a kind of rocking motion as she pushes her chest and head up.

And that’s quickly followed by the discovery she can pull her knees under her at the same time.

Next is practicing her coordinated bounce and push. And that’s when the little light bulb goes off in her head. Because some of that coordinated pushing and bouncing rockets her forward. Her amateur crawl is born… and along with it…

Her first taste of true freedom, right?!

Loving her new freedom, she continues practicing until she’s mastered her crawl. Now she’s finally ready (and eager) to graduate to her next challenge: Mastering the “crawl, walk, run” process of walking.

You know the routine, right? She goes through a whole new bunch of mini-milestones, experimenting going from “crawling master” to “walking amateur” (first pulling herself up using anything she can reach; then the squat stand without any help; then the first wobbly step and the plunk down, etc.).


No wonder it takes 9-15 months to get enough practice time in, to figure out how to take that first independent step.

And, yet, because of that foundation, now things speed up AT AN EVER ACCELERATING RATE! It’s leveraging, leverage.

In fact, you’d better go buy yourself a good pair of track shoes because that little girl will be running you ragged in the blink of an eye 😉

Interesting, isn’t it?

Learning is “front-end loaded.” It takes a long time to master crawling (the fundamentals). However, thanks to the amazing “leverage power” compounding gives you, going from that unsure, wobbly place to confident skills mastery happens in a snap.

You follow?

The point is: If you examine anything you’ve learned to do to the point where you no longer give it the slightest conscious thought (meaning, you just do it now; no more learning necessary) then you will see clearly there was a time when you did not know how to do, that, which you NOW take for granted.

You’ll also see that Crawl… Walk… Run… is the journey you always take to learn and master anything (with each major piece of the learning process breaking down into their own smaller Crawl, Walk, Run, pieces).

Crawling comes first. All success starts there.


And each step builds on the previous one.

Try to skip steps or cut corners and your whole process breaks down. Leaving you frustrated, confused and pondering where you went wrong, do you not?

Okay, Now, Please Pay Close Attention To This Next Part

Come closer, please…

See, if you are not living the kind of life you want… if you don’t have the freedom you’ve been dreaming about, or success seems just outside your grasp…

the ONLY reason you are not flooded with a tidal wave of all those things, right this very second is because you simply haven’t yet mastered the SKILL that crawl-walk-run process that gets you unstuck with systematic certainty.

See, this is where we fall victim to the “Magic Fairy Dust Syndrome” where we believe the next coat of paint we try to mask the rust with, will “fix” us instead of working within reality. Which is,

It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Walk Or Run Without
First Mastering Your CRAWL

Look, there’s a HUGE difference between just showing someone a few techniques or methods and giving them the ongoing support, resources and guidance it takes to master the full process.

I mean, would you ever dream of reading a book on brain surgery (or taking a month long crash-course seminar on it) and then start operating on people?

Of course not.

That’s because mastery of any skill happens bit-by-bit through a combination of “book learning” and practical application in the real world (which can either be self-directed trial & error or shadowing someone who’s already successfully traveled the same road you want to go down), right?

It’s important to remember, your ability to manifest success, prosperity and freedom, on demand works the exact same way.

Before we put a bow on this lesson, I’d like you to take special note of what Dr. Moscatel (from the 1,000 hours of practice video above) says regarding babies learning to walk. You see, it applies directly to learning anything new. At 41 seconds into the video she says:

“…It’s only a matter of CONFIDENCE and BALANCE before your baby takes that first independent step.”

Hmmm… CONFIDENCE and BALANCE… that’s the fuel of skill mastery, is it not?

And, that’s exactly what the iUnstuck Lab gives you: Confidence and Balance THROUGH clarity, science and a community of likeminded people like us.

Yeah, it’s a tall, bold order.

And yet, as you’ll see inside the lab, it is doable.