What Cold-Sores?

Romance ‘em, Seduce ‘em, Tease & Tantalize ‘em… And, NEVER Propose Before The First Date

Have you ever been romanced or courted?

Or been the one doing the courting and romancing?

It’s the same thing when you are gathering gravity building a following. You’ve gotta romance ‘em. When you communicate with people in any fashion it still applies. Be it face-to-face, by email, on a website, by phone, on TV, radio, Twitter or via Facebook… it’s important.

Maybe you’re wanting to enroll people in an idea you see. Or why they should look forward to future communications from you. Or to take advantage of a specific product or service.

The point is you’re always marketing. And, really good marketing is simply: Leveraged and systemized communication. See, your marketing becomes an army of the best salespeople in the world and does the selling for you.

Now, contrary to mainstream thinking, cutsie slogans, stuffed animals, sock-puppets, talking Chihuahua dogs, or any of the other “funny” things do NOT constitute systemized salesmanship! All those things are the equivalent of the pimple-faced boy going right up to the home coming queen that he’s never met before and saying,

“Don’t worry about these cold-sores. They come and go. Let’s go to my car and do it!”

What are the chances he gets the result he wants?

Here’s another less crude example:

Say you’re going out on a first date with someone. Would you blurt out, “Will you marry me?” on your way to the car at the start of your date?

People are simply not attracted to desperation. I suppose, even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally.

However, this approach is far from a sure-fire way of producing predictable results. There’s no way to scale a business up if you’re relying on luck or hope.

Guiding your followers to ascend up your value ladder is a dance of romance.

And, romance is a process, is it not?

You can’t rush seduction. That’s where all fun lives. It’s the life-giving anticipation that makes people want more. Sure you can stack the decks in your favor, but you’ve got to let it unfold at their pace.

That’s why you tease ‘em a bit. Play a little hard to get. That’s the kind of relationship the other person hopes will blossom into more. People love mystery.

Luckily, you can leverage all sorts of amazing technologies to systemize and automate your seduction processes in a way where your tribe doesn’t ever feel they’re just another notch in your bedpost.

You can automate the process that makes them feel safe enough to agree to a first date.

Then a second and third.

Which leads naturally to dating regularly.

Soon they update their Facebook status to “in a relationship.” Then, maybe, they start looking for wedding planners.

Ya dig?