What If You Had Oprah’s Influence?

The “Oprah Effect”

Ever hear (or use) the term “Oprah Money?”

How did Oprah Winfrey become a billionaire? What kind of internal gravity field does she posses, when a passing “Oh, by the way” mention of something she likes, triggers a stampede of millions?

How can a single, black woman, who refuses to “sell,” simply give her nod of approval and unleash a sales frenzy, virtually guaranteeing a best seller overnight?

How could a daytime talk show host grow to command so much power and influence that many credit her with getting President Obama elected?

How? How indeed.

I’ll tell ya how:

Oprah knows her audience better than they consciously know themselves.  She’s a master of their mental conversations. And she knows how to enter those private conversations without conflict and how to redirect them in positive ways. People THANK her because they can’t help but feel empowered when Oprah is in their head!

She gives people love, hope and belief that tomorrow will be better than today.  And, let’s face it, can you ever get enough of feeling that good? Who doesn’t want feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness reprogrammed to courageousness, faith and even confidence?

See, for 25 years Oprah Winfrey created a level of trust, connection, and powerful relationship with millions of people through her TV show. She created a bond so strong that 7.4 MILLION “besties” (raving fans) never missed their daily “chats” and “visits” with her!

And 49 MILLION “friends” (regular fans) who couldn’t go without at least 1 Oprah fix every week!

Talk about leading a tribe!

Millions consider Oprah their best friend. They never met her. Oprah doesn’t hang out with them and certainly doesn’t know them individually. Yet she understands, respects, and loves them. 

They willingly gave her full access to their most valued possession…

They let Oprah inside and allowed her unchallenged influence over their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors!

For an hour every day for 25 years Oprah let everyone inside. She shared herself in a way that everyone felt as if they were her best friend, not Gale King.

Creating Your Own Oprah Effect?

Here’s a couple of things you might not know:


Did you know, you don’t have to be Oprah to leverage the same kind of influence? That you can gather gravity to create your own platform for service-first prosperity?

Now, you may never have 49 million fans, but you can still have incredible influence that makes an ongoing impact. And, when you command that kind of power, you don’t need millions. A thousand is more than enough for your own platform of value-based leadership.


Did you know you can model the exact same process and establish irresistible Oprah-like influence for yourself?

I’ve distilled it down into a 7-step process.

And, guess what the best part is? You’ll discover that these 7 universal steps are hard-coded into all of us as a part of human behavior dna. Which means these 7 mental programs are triggered in us all the time without our conscious awareness.

Now, I bet you didn’t know these programs only run one at a time and control exactly what people think, feel, and believe to be true about YOU, didja?

Moreover, did you know creating your own Oprah Effect only requires you to activate each of these 7 mental programs in the proper order, at the right time? (Tip over the first domino and it triggers a chain reaction.)

Did you know your “pack” unconsciously wants an Oprah-like confidante to trust, believe and follow? In fact, your Pocket Of People (POP — shoutout to the brilliant Andre Chaperon, a kindred spirit) are suffering in silence right now this very second?

Why is this?

They are silently suffering because they haven’t found someone they connect heart-to-heart with who can lovingly lead, help, and inspire them to step into their bigger future.

And, as a result, these people are secretly begging for relief from the stress, pain, and pressure caused by their limiting mental programs?

In a sense, your POP wants to be ethically brainwashed.

We all want freedom from the way our mental programs control and limit us, do we not? We want the relief that comes every time another mental barrier gets cleared away. We crave the kind of human connection that only comes from a having a trusted confidante to guide us forward.

You didn’t know all that? Well, don’t feel bad because you’re not alone.

See, we have almost no conscious awareness that these 7 mental programs have been hard-coded into us without our permission. Unless you’ve studied it, you probably don’t know how each interrelates. And, the chances are slim that you are aware that the very pain, fear, and stress we struggle with (and want relief from) are…

…only present because we unconsciously run these mental programs.

Because when we can’t see the true source the problem we look for the solution in all the wrong places (and usually need outside help to find relief).

However, because we don’t want to be manipulated, tricked or controlled we believe “mind control” or “brainwashing” is evil because we fear it being used to cause more pain instead of bringing relief. Ironically (or paradoxically), it’s the fear of being controlled that writes, installs and conditions these programs deep into our unconsciousness.

Anyway, the point is: We tend to rebel against or resist any perceived threat to our freedom (which, by the way, is a form of mind-control because any knee-jerk automatic reaction brings more pain, reinforces our fears, and drives it even deeper unconscious).

Personally, I choose to see brainwashing as intentionally washing out these negative mental programs. It’s about control only in the sense of taking it back to reclaim your power. It’s about leading people to the freedom they desperately want.

Yes, it can have the added benefit of also attracting incredible prosperity but its power comes from helping people live the bigger lives they deserve (not manipulation for a quick buck).

Plus, as you’ll see this form of ethical brainwashing is impossible to do against their will because they’re always in charge. It acknowledges they have complete control. Sure, you might facilitate the process at times, yet it’s always their choice to follow (or not). Which brings relief beyond anything they’ve ever experienced.

And, if they know you’re the one who engineered and guided ‘em to that relief, their love for you also far exceeds logical explanation. True dat.

Very few entrepreneurs and freelancers (even the successful ones) get this.

Perception Really *Is* Everything

Becoming that Oprah-like confidante comes down to relationship, right?

Actually, more accurately, it’s all about the perceived relationship people feel they have with you.

Now, of course, there are different levels of relationship. Oprah’s influence is so powerful because she’s established the ultimate level of trust with her followers: She’s more than a friend… she’s more than an authority figure… she’s more than just a leader.

The secret to Oprah’s influence is 49 million people looked to her as their trusted advisor.

Why do you think this is?

Well, if people want your counsel, advice, and guidance before making a decision, what has to have taken place in their mind?

You can’t be someone’s confidante until they mentally elevate you to that position. They put you there. With this high honor, effectively they’re admitting to you, them, and the rest of the world they value your thinking over THEIR OWN, and above all others.

That’s why it must be earned, never demanded.

How many major shifts in someone’s mental conversations has to happen before they give you enough authority, trust, credibility, and respect that your word is law in their mind? Before they willing surrender their judgment to yours? Before they stop questioning and simply comply?

At a minimum, there’s 7 conversations people have to have with themselves about you before they’ve conditioned themselves to perceive enough of a relationship with you so your council triggers compliance.

Which, surprise-surprise, just so happens to be what the next series of these gathering gravity articles will center around 😉

The next article in this series is coming soon.

Stay tuned.

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