Will You Pay the Cost to Be the Boss?

“Paying the Cost to Be the Boss”

BB King is one of my favorite musicians and although he’s talking about something different in his song, “Paying the Cost to Be the Boss” it’s still the perfect name for this gathering gravity article.

Simply because there are certain realities that go along with writing your own success story, living life on your terms, your way.

Ultimately, the reason most people want to be rich, successful and in business for themselves is because of the freedom, is it not?

On the surface, you might think it’s about being rich, respected, recognized (maybe even famous), having lots of cash reserves with a strong, stable and continuous income and being able to help people and contribute to the world in positive ways… but the driving force at the root of the desire to be your own boss is FREEDOM.

That’s really the root of what we’re all after, right?

To give our families what they want and deserve.

…To live without constraints.

…To go where you want to go… when you want to go… just because you want to.

…To know that you’ve got it all covered.

…To walk into a boss’s office of a job you hate and confidently explain that you can no longer afford to work there because your “little side business” is now paying you more and suddenly you realize, as he enviously looks in your eyes, that the question that he doesn’t have the guts to ask you is how he can escape the grind too.

You’ve chosen the path of freedom.

Unfortunately, most people never reach the freedom they want because they don’t realize that choosing this path also means choosing the set of realities that produces the freedom. Freedom is the result (the Effect) of living by a certain “code” or set of realities (the Cause).

What prevents people from ever reaching that place of ultimate freedom is NOT that they’re unwilling to pay the price.

What is the reason?

It’s that no one ever educated them as to what the price is and how to pay it quickly and easily.

Most people have no problem paying the price if they know 3 things:

  1. They know and want the PAYOFF of paying it;

  2. They know exactly WHAT the price is that they have to pay (no surprises down the road); and

  3. They know (or have someone to show them) HOW to pay it.

What say you?