How does the Law of Attraction Respond to Claiming vs. Declaring?

What “language” does the Law of Attraction speak?

Think about something you’ve wanted for a long time but hasn’t yet materialized for you yet, okay?

Got a picture of something specific in mind?

Now, make a declarative statement about having that which you really, really want. Declare it a few times, and as you do tune into how you feel energetically. Regardless of the words you’ve chosen, or how you’ve phrased it…

…just take a beat to notice how the declaration makes you feel emotionally inside.

Next, tune into the feelings you have, if you were claiming that same something you really, really want.

Oh just humor me and play along.

Feel the energy difference between a claiming statement versus a declaration statement?

Even though the words of each statement might be almost identical, the energy behind it that you’ll feel couldn’t be more different, right?

Both a declaration and a claiming have commitment to it, so that’s not it, is it? I mean, the people who wrote the Declaration of Independence, where willing to die for it, were they not?

So both can be backed by 100% commitment.

However, a declaration is a forced energy. It says, “I’m going to do this, come hell or high water! I will not be denied.”

And, you know what?

It comes from a place of fear.

What if, instead, you could claimed it instead of fighting for it?

Consider this:

Doesn’t ”fighting” for something imply that you have to prove your are worthy of having it? That, if you’re willing to die for something, has as root that there’s a chance you won’t get it and will die trying, does it not?

Okay, now pretend for a minute you absolutely knew what winning Lotto numbers are for next week. That you knew the future with absolute certainty.

No guessing. No predicting. You know what they are as surely as you know your name.

So, you run right out and buy your ticket right away, wouldn’t you? If you knew the winning numbers with absolute certainty, of course you would. And, not only that, would worry about it prior to the time that your numbers are drawn?

No worrying or second guessing. You’d just confidently sit back and, and wait because you already know the outcome.

Sure, maybe you’re excited, and start anticipating what you’ll spend your winnings on, but since you truly know what’s going to happen, you’ll never say, “but what if I picked the wrong?” Because it’s no longer about if you’ll win,” but when.


And when the inevitable happens, and you win it? What do you gotta do?

Claim. The. Money.

Ahhh, yeah…

It’s already your money, isn’t it?

That’s the difference to how the Law of Attraction responds.

When you claim something, your energy is claiming what is already yours. It might not be in your position yet, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still your money. You’re not going to get pissed off if there’s a delay between when you buy your ticket and the day the numbers are drawn, are you?

Nor would you be upset if you encountered some obstacles, like not knowing where to buy your ticket… or the procedure you have to go through to collect your winnings.

It’s yours. So you move forward with a sense of authority, with a sense of confidence because you’re not asking for permission. That’s yours. You own it. You’re claiming it.

Whatever actions you have to take to collect, you’ll figure it out, will you not? Don’t know where to go or how get there because you’ve never won before? Doesn’t matter. You’ll figure it out, won’t you?

Or would you give up and trash your winning ticket just because you it wasn’t clear what you’re supposed to do?

Dumb question.

You wouldn’t sit around hoping someone will come along and tell you how you’re supposed to claim it.

You wouldn’t waste a second wondering if you deserve to claim it, or if it’s really yours or not.

So many of us know we’re called to do something more. That our lives are more than we’ve become right now, do we not?

And yet we don’t feel worthy enough to answer the call. So we declare things like,

”I need somebody to fix me before I can claim it. I know I’m supposed to be doing, what I’m called to do… Because I’m not feeling worthy of it. I’m not feeling loved enough… I haven’t earned it yet. I haven’t suffered enough to prove I’m qualified to have this…”

Because of our past wounds, we feel we need validation. It’s not that we want somebody else to do it for us… to fix us. It’s that we want somebody to tell us how to fix ourselves.

Approval, permission, and validation.

And yet:

You’re the only who can give yourself the approval to go claim that which you’re directing the Law of Attraction to bring you.

Declarations are about your words.

Claiming it is about your music.

And when your words are at odds with your music, then, Infinite Intelligence responds only to your claiming it music.

Period. End of story.