The Yin and Yang of Gathering Gravity to Create Unprecedented Results Starting with a Blank Canvas

Why Yang without Yin plays keep-away with your goals…

I have a confession:

Sometimes I’m a schizoid!

And, guess what? I’m not alone. Far from it.

In fact, tell me one person you know who doesn’t have several different voices tugging at ‘em with an internal dialogue.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

With the exception of a few thousand rare people (out of over 7 billion on this planet) who can turn off their minds anytime they want (for as long as they want), every single thought we think is another voice in your mind!

When it comes to success, I’m constantly playing referee between two very powerful parts of me. When these two sides agree, successful results are almost unavoidable.

And when these two are at odds?

Well, it seems the inevitable result for all my hard work is the exact opposite of my intention.

See, I believe that you, me (and everyone) also constantly struggles with this inner battle. We all have two sides to our success (or lack thereof).

It takes both the Yin and the Yang working together to gather gravity towards creating the breakthrough outcomes you’ve yet to experience in the real world.

Let me explain: There’s a part of me that is very pragmatic. Very “reality” oriented. It’s the hard-core, driven, bottom-line entrepreneur who means business and only deals in facts.

That part of me is results driven (some might even say obsessed). It’s the part of me who’s never satisfied with what is. It keeps my focus on “the numbers” because I’m always looking for ways to improve results and lower costs.

This side has a “Type A” personality and can be abrasive, impatient, and unrelenting. It cuts to the quick if time is being wasted.

It believes “how many, by when” is all that matters. It’s all about ruthless schedules. Setting, meeting and exceeding goals (and the deadlines set for them). Is satisfied by checking everything off the never-ending “to-do” list, with extreme urgency (because, after all, time is the most valuable asset it believes we have).

This is the part that has conditioned me to live my word as if life depends on it (and is quick to judgement when others don’t keep their word with the same commitment).

When I’m in this mode, it’s best not to get in my way because nothing sidetracks me. Those who get in the way are dealt with swiftly (and apologized to later) because this mental force seduces me into believing the lie of, “the ends justify the means.”

This is the “Yang” side.

It’s the “go-to-guy” you depend on when the game is on the line because the Yang side always has a plan and will work 24/7 to execute it… in excellence… on time.

Yang is a massive doer, loves to take charge, and only measures success by crossing the finish line (and how fast).

Yang’s always say’n stuff like,

“Ideas are great, but you’ve got to put them into action and see them through. You live in the real world. You’ve got to produce results. You can’t operate your business as you WISH things would work, this is how things ARE so don’t waste my time with all that positive thinking crap, I’ve got work to do!”

As you’ve no doubt already figured out from the take-no-prisoners-tell-it-like-it-is tone, my Yang side takes lead in my business building, execution, and strategy planning sessions.

And, then, there’s the other half: The “Yin.”

Yin drives creativity. It filters intuition so you see the answers you need, when you need ‘em. Yin is the path by which all the ideas, love, and inspiration we ever need comes to us. It’s our direct connection to fulfillment, gives meaning and purpose to our lives, and is the doorway to our higher powers and spirituality.

Yin delivers, with spooky accuracy, the exact right inspirations, at the right time that Yang can turn into millions. Yin is inspired and knows the answers but doesn’t care about the outcomes. Yang sets goals, develops all sorts of plans, and gets to work. Yin (if not ignored by Yang) makes sure Yang sets the right goals, strategy, and isn’t just taking action for action’s sake.

Yes, Yin is the “out there” side of me that believes in the power of thought to control life, the Law of Attraction, and that prosperity is our birthright. It knows the universe is infinite, full of abundance and instantly delivers all requests without bias, judgment, or “worthiness” of the asker.

Yang rolls his eyes and makes fun of Yin all the time. 

However, you need both Yin and Yang to create a meaningful impact that’s also lucrative. Yet, if you’re anything like me, you sometimes get out of balance. There’s been times when Yin run my life. And other times Yang’s 100% in charge.

It really shouldn’t come as a shock (altho it still does when I forget), that my plans fall apart and turn to crap when those two aren’t playing nice together.

If either get too far out of balance problems start.

Too Yang and I get sick, run down and alienate the people closest to me. Too Yin and I get lazy, complacent and battle depression (justifying lack of results, procrastination, and confusion as not mattering or not caring).

It’s all about having the right mix of both Yin and Yang. Keeping focused on constant, balanced momentum forward in both areas.


I believe (and suggest you adopt it too) any goal, desire or pursuit should always start with Yin, first.

Because if you just plunge ahead with lots of massive action you will very likely find that the actions you take won’t have the results you anticipate (or will feel meaningless if, and when, you achieve ‘em).

You need alignment with your creative Yin so you are inspired to take the right actions.  

Because, after all, what good does it do you to drive like a bat outta hell, at a million miles an hour, determined to get the gold…

…only to find out after you’ve been working your ass off for weeks (or months or years), that…

…the race you’ve won wasn’t what you really wanted?

What if Yang had you traveling down the wrong road?  

That’s why by taking the time to connect with, and listen to, Yin’s guidance on a daily basis (also called mindfulness or self-development time), then Yang has the confidence of knowing your goals, plans, and actions will be focused right.

That you are running the right race… the one the whole you really wants.

So when you cross the finish line, it’ll feed all of you. The one that makes a fulfilling impact. And gives your life meaning beyond just checking one more achievement off the list.