Law of Attraction: Fact or Fiction… Friend or Foe… Does it Help or Hurt Your Success?

The Misunderstood Force that Controls
WHAT Manifests (and how fast)

Is gravity real?

How do you know for sure?

What proof do you have?

I mean, can you see it? How about touch it, can you do that?

And yet, in spite of any real evidence we accept it, do we not?

You’ve experienced gravity, haven’t you? You know it exists and therefore stop questioning it because it simply is, right?

Truth is the Law of Attraction is a gathering of gravity. And, this “force” is not more mystical mumbo-jumbo. In fact, it’s can be as simple as a moment in time…

A “Defining Moment,” that is.

Now, there are huge defining moments (like when the Doctor puts the most beautiful baby you’ve ever set eyes on in your arms and says: “Here’s your daughter, Joshua”).

Along with the seemingly small ones that direct your life in a powerful way and yet they aren’t so obvious (like the first time you took a drag of a cigarette to be cool…. or the first time you didn’t).

All defining moments shape the very fabric and course of our lives.

Sometimes the control they have over your destiny is crystal clear. However, more times you’re blind to them.

Meaning, the control they have over you happens on a completely UNCONSCIOUS level (like, selecting a college to attend because your boyfriend is there but convincing yourself the choice was purely based on it being the best school for what you wanted to study).

The question is not if you’ve experienced these moments because you can’t stop ’em, can you?

You have these “Defining Moments” all the time (sometimes they have a “Positive” effect on the direction of your life and other times a “Negative” one)…

Maybe for you, one was the way you learned to tie your shoes?

Or the first time you rode a bike without training wheels?

Or when you stood up to the school bully (or didn’t and regretted it)?

Won (or lost) the big game for the team?

The first time you had sex?

Tried to start a new business and failed (or succeeded)?

Got the job?

Didn’t get the promotion or raise?

Felt slighted and under appreciated?

The first time you saw the original Wizard of Oz with the Wicked Witch of the West.

(Man, did that green, long nose, wart infested, crackly voice, creepy thin finger witch scare the snot out of me as a kid… to this day, I refuse to watch it, or any other scary movie).


My point is, the life you’re living right now…

(the amount of prosperity you’ve attracted into your life, where you live, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, what you do for work, the relationships you enjoy, those you don’t, what you love, what you hate, what scares you, what makes you laugh, etc., etc., etc.)

…is actually a sum total of ALL your defining moments, and…

…what you decided they meant to you, and what they said about you (how you defined the moments and let them define you).

Now, with this being the case, that begs the question:

If the Law Of Attraction (LOA) is truly a LAW
shouldn’t it “work” ALL the time?

Can a universal law pick and choose who it works for, and when?

What if gravity decided to go on strike? What if it decided to really mess with us and made me fall down and you fall UP?

HERE’S THE THING: The Law Of Attraction *is* universal.

However, when it appears not to work (i.e. when life plays keep-away with your desires), it’s only because you’ve unknowingly magnetized yourself to attract the life situations you DON’T want:

(Watch my magnet demo video above to see)

Does it sometimes feel like you’re stuck?

As if, no matter what you try or do, life seems to keep serving you up “negative” situations, conditions and circumstances over and over again…

Is it like you’re stuck in some cosmic snap back loop, where the “names” may change, but the stories seem to all have pretty much the same ending?

You see, when all the motivational, personal development, goal setting and positive visualization techniques…

(like, The Secret, Think And Grow Rich, LOA, EFT, Dream Boards, NLP, Meditation, A Course In Miracles, etc., etc., etc.)

…you turn to for answers, at best, only gives you temporary relief and hope, then maybe, just maybe

…is it time you took a different approach to get unstuck?

Could it be the Universe’s way of tapping you on the shoulder and telling you to hit the “reboot” button on the Law Of Attraction?

That’s what I choose to believe when it happens to me.

How about you?