Building Something From Nothing Because You Decided to Make it so

Your Power to Create From Thin Air

Plucking an idea, a want, a desire from the corners of your mind and watching the process of it unfolding and gathering enough gravity that it becomes “real” is simply magical.

Manifesting your dreams step-by-step is not only inspiring because you get to have the physical counterpart of your dream…

…it’s also because when you make your visions come true, it’s a symbol of your true freedom…that you can direct your life according what you want, and that nothing is impossible.


There’s nothing like seeing a project that you’ve been working on for a long time become reality.

Some of it turns out exactly as you’ve been picturing it…

…some of it is completely different than you thought when you first started… and, still some of it ends up being even better than you ever imagined it would or could be (that’s my favorite part).

You ever do a vision (or dream) board?

My wife, Kathy, and I did it about a year before we got married (shit, I just realized it was almost 22 years ago).

Anyway, we spent a quiet weekend together creating our “Dream Board” to help guide the next few years of our lives. We got a big piece of white poster-board and glued all the pictures, images, words, and symbols that got our hearts racing with anticipation and desire.

You know, the kind of things that at just a quick glance gives you goosebumps?

All the “stuff” that excited us as soon as we looked at the board. All the things… the situations and lifestyles we wanted to live… qualities we wanted to gather gravity and experience… places we wanted to visit… experiences we wanted to have…

Nothing was off-limits, right?

It represented literally anything and everything we want to be, do, and have in our lives.

Now, one of the things we put on the board was a brand new custom designed home that we would have built to our exact specifications.

Not just any home.

Our Dream Home with everything we could imagine in it.

A true thing of beauty.

It took us months to think about all the things we wanted to make sure were included.

You know, it took almost the same amount of time to have the blueprints drafted to our specifications as it did to have our builder actually build it.

And, as you probably already guessed, it did manifest from that idea into where we eventually lived. It didn’t happen instantly by hitting some easy button, but it did become our reality.

So, how does this relate to gathering gravity?

What lessons can you take from this and apply to your quest to bridge the manifestation gap on anything you’re not yet living?

Let’s highlight a few together to get you started:

  1. Your life will always be directed by your vision for it. So it’s better to plan it to happen according to what you want instead of just letting it happen by fate.

  2. Some things take a while to see manifest in the physical world but know they’re definitely going to manifest if you stay focused and can expand your core beliefs to the point where you allow your desires into your experience.

  3. Developing the right game plan (blueprint) for you can take as long as executing it.

  4. The reason most of our dream manifested in a way that met or exceeded our expectations is because of the detail we put into it in the beginning. We were crystal clear about what we wanted.

  5. Once you have the mental blueprint in place, making it a reality is just a matter of following the plan step-by-step… eventually you’ll get there. It’s no mystery. Just put one foot in front of the other.

  6. No matter how well you plan there are always (yes, always) things that happen along the way that require “in the field” course corrections. You can’t make it perfect from the beginning if you haven’t done it before (and even if you have done it before, it’s never perfect because you can always improve it and we live in a dynamic, ever changing world where nothing is static, so there are always new nuances to master… and this is a good thing because it keeps us growing and progressing forward).

    So don’t waste your time delaying your project just because your plan isn’t perfect yet because there will always be unknowns that come up. That’s how it works.

    Unknowns are the only constants, so prepare for them mentally so they don’t catch you off guard.

  7. It gets easier after you do it once. When you’re gathering gravity for something you’ve never successfully done before, just like with Kathy & I building a house for the first time, there will be things you don’t know that you don’t know. It’s impossible to plan for every contingency… yet, having gone through the process once, you know what to look out for and know how to avoid the same mistakes you made the first time.

    The first time you don’t know enough to cover your ass on everything because it’s your first time in the game. That why you want to get in the game as quickly as you can and discover all the things you don’t know yet so you get them out of the way fast.

    That’s what mastery is all about.

    This way the next time you go through the process, it isn’t so scary and doesn’t hurt quite so bad because now you have some experience under your belt.

  8. Become comfortable with the unknowns. Even if you know nothing, as I did about building a house, if you throw yourself into the middle of the game and trust that you can (and will) eventually figure it out.

Now you try.

What lessons or metaphors can you come up with?